Sponsor: Bud Light

Bud Light and Ocoee Founders’ Day is a match made in festival heaven. We’ve been lucky enough year after year to have the fine folks at Bud Light sponsor the festival and our 2016 fest is no different. So when you’re at the festival, be sure to look for the Bud light tent and get yourself a cool refresher.

Did you know that Bud Light is 34 years old? It was first introduced in 1982 and since then has become the favored beer in the U.S., beating out its mother brand, Budweiser! Wherever you go – whether it’s a concert, a sporting event, or the county fair – you’re bound to find the glorious blue bottles of Bud Light shining bright!

So as you’re enjoying the festivities of Founders’ Day this year, especially the concerts, remember a big part of it all coming together was in thanks to Bud Light. But most importantly, enjoy yourself!


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